Upgraded Trac, but still getting errors...

Christopher J. Umina chris.umina at studsvik.com
Fri Sep 11 02:38:55 UTC 2009


I noticed recently (probably due to me upgrading ports) that my trac 
installations show this message:

*Warning:* Can't synchronize with the repository (Couldn't open 
Subversion repository /var/svn/repo: SubversionException: ('SQLite 
compiled for, but running with 3.3.7', 200030)). Look in the 
Trac log for more information.

The first thing I did was check the trac logs, which literally show 
nothing at all.  Next thing I did was Google the error message, but 
nothing really matched.  After that I decided to rebuild trac and deps 
(portupgrade -rR), which didn't fix the problem.  I then got frustrated 
and ran a portupgrade -fa, which again didn't fix the problem.  I 
upgraded python from python25 to python26, using the procedure outlined 
in /usr/ports/UPDATING which didn't fix the problem either.

Through all this, I did notice that if I run tracd on the environment, 
the errors are gone and I can interact with subversion (through trac) 
perfectly.  For that reason, I'm convinced it's something to do with 
Apache & friends, but I'm completely out of ideas, has anybody else seen 
these errors or have any suggestions?

Packages (worth mentioning) currently installed:

Thank you,
Christopher J. Umina

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