/lib/libz.so version bump prevents java/jdk1* from upgrading

Maciej Suszko maciej at suszko.eu
Thu Sep 10 14:58:19 UTC 2009

Alexander Best <alexbestms at math.uni-muenster.de> wrote:
> thanks for the hint. i was actually aware of this thread and the way
> of fixing the problem described in it. however from a users
> perspective i think installing a port to fix this problem is much
> more easy and convenient than to hack in any changes
> to /etc/libmap.conf. don't you agree?

I'm not sure if some bins/libs wouldn't be linked against those present
in compat7x package in case when you forget to remove it after jdk
upgrade. In my opinion using libmap.conf is more convenient, especially
in this situation, when the whole jdk installation is done within one
directory under /usr/local.
regards, Maciej Suszko.
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