security/engine_pkcs11 unable to use it

Mel Flynn mel.flynn+fbsd.ports at
Wed Sep 9 12:59:25 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 09 September 2009 12:15:46 Alex Dupre wrote:
> Mel Flynn ha scritto:
> > +post-install:
> > +       @${ECHO_MSG} "You will need a criptoki library to use the
> > engine." +       @${ECHO_MSG} "One is provided by security/opensc"
> > +
> If you need engine_pkcs11, you know what you want, the cryptoki library
> should be the start.

I was actually looking for a way to decrypt my firefox's signons3.txt, which 
from searches on the net lead me to pkcs11 functions. ls security|grep pkcs11 
lead me to the engine and nothing lead me to security/opensc. Granted, I 
should probably have researched the standard further.

However, the configuration file issue remains. With the correct module_path 
added to openssl.cnf, openssl refuses to look in /usr/local/lib/engines or to 
give any indication it understands the sections added. Is this broken with the 
base openssl?

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