Status of security/openssl: Port marked as IGNORE: security/openssl is marked as broken: No patchset for 0.9.8

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Tue Sep 8 13:14:33 UTC 2009

Raphael Becker wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I wonder if there's no one since August 14th having trouble with the
> security/openssl ports. Since some weeks I get 
> # portupgrade -p security/openssl
> ** Port marked as IGNORE: security/openssl:
>         is marked as broken: No patchset for 0.9.8
> ** Listing the failed packages (-:ignored / *:skipped / !:failed)
>         - security/openssl (marked as IGNORE)

This only affects the port when you have the WITH_SCTP option selected.
Turn that off, and it works fine.



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