FreeBSD Port: mc-light-4.1.40.p9_7

Giuseppe Pagnoni gpagnoni at
Mon Sep 7 13:55:25 UTC 2009


I installed mc-light under FreeBSD 7.2 and in trying to edit the
~/.mc/ext file I noticed that the file seems to follow bash, not tcsh
shell syntax.  I am using tcsh and many of the files do not open in
the appropriate viewer, I think because of this (particularly
problematic seem to be redirections (> /dev/null 2>&1, which doesn't
work in tcsh) and "if..then" clauses).  Am I guessing right?  In this
case, would it be possible to have a tcsh compatible version of the
ext file?  If not, I'll have a try at it myself, but I am not very
expert in shell scripting..

thanks in advance for any suggestion and for maintaining the port


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