port astro/boinc-setiathome-enhanced

Rene Ladan r.c.ladan at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 20:26:04 UTC 2009

Alexander Melnik schreef:
> On Sunday 30 August 2009, Rene Ladan wrote:
>> I had a slightly different patch to detect awk (attached) which doesn't need the
>> dependency on gawk.  Could you try it?  I sent it to the developers
>> (boinc_opt at ssl.berkeley.edu), but it got probably lost in their work pile.
> Thank you for your response. I tested this patch, everything works well.
Thanks for testing, I will add it to the port if approved. It has been committed
upstream in revesion 622 of seti_boinc.
See ftp://rene-ladan.nl/pub/freebsd/patch-seti_boinc__autosetup

>> I actually have to update the astropulse part (the new production version is
>> 5.06).  While doing so, I thought that it might be easier to split the setiathome
>> and astropulse clients into seperate ports (although they keep sharing the
>> /var/db/boinc/projects/setiathome.berkeley.edu/ directory).  I have some
>> work-in-progress regarding this, if you're interested I can send it to you.
Also, users can select on their preferences page which applications to run (currently
seti, astropulse 5.03, astropulse 5.05/5.06).  What do you think?
> Good news, but the new version astropulse able to work without the graphics?
The seti part is, but the astropulse part is not (there are some weird dependencies,
it builds alright but it won't run). I've asked for this on the developers list but
didn't get much response, they really seem to like the graphics.


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