csync2 broken, how to keep a few web servers in sync?

Тарас Савчук taras at 1adm.ru
Wed Sep 2 22:16:12 UTC 2009

Hi to All.

I'm interested in solving problems with net/csync2. It's marked as broken now.

Seems this is one of the best solutions to keep in sync a few web servers.
NFS is not good because it's not share-nothing solution, rsync is slow (stateless), GlusterFS support under FreeBSD is questionable, GFS/OCFS2 is not supported at all and too complicated. Another interesting approach - rsync + kqueue (http://blogs.freebsdish.org/ivoras/2008/06/08/weekend-hack-adfsd-a-kqueue-assisted-rsync-tool/), but csync2 + kqueue is more interesting I think.

So, questions:
Who have experience using csync2 or any other solution to keep web servers in sync under FreeBSD?
Who interested in repair net/csync2 port, possibly for some amount of financial gratitude ;-)

Thanks in advance for help/suggestions and sorry for my English :)

Savchuk Taras

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