Migration to new SourceForge URL scheme part 2, SFE and some statistics

CmdLnKid cmdlnkid at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 17:24:32 UTC 2009

On Wed, 2 Sep 2009 08:07 -0000, amdmi3 wrote:

> * Alex Dupre (ale at FreeBSD.org) wrote:
>> heanet seems to be the only one that reach > 1MB/s from all the tested
>> locations, maybe it could be the first in the SF list.
> Agreed.
> Also, I'd like at least one more result from USA.

Here is two:

>From pairNetworks in PA

biznetnetworks: (411KB/s)
dfn: failed
freefr: (1.16MB/s)
garr: failed
heanet: (1013KB/s)
internode: (448KB/s)
iweb: (2.85MB/s)
jaist: (540KB/s)
kent: (645KB/s)
nchc: (301KB/s)
osdn: (280KB/s)
ovh: failed
softlayer: (364KB/s)
sunet: (434KB/s)
surfnet: (819KB/s)
switch: (802KB/s)
transact: (432KB/s)
ufpr: (274KB/s)
voxel: (2.65MB/s)

This one from: West Michigan

biznetnetworks: (61.0 KB/s)
dfn: failed
freefr: (97.4 KB/s)
garr: failed
heanet: (37.1 KB/s)
internode: (58.3 KB/s)
iweb: (125 KB/s)
jaist: (45.0 KB/s)
kent: failed
nchc: failed
osdn: failed
ovh: failed
softlayer: (121 KB/s)
sunet: (75.8 KB/s)
surfnet: (94.8 KB/s)
switch: (112 KB/s)
transact: failed
ufpr: failed
voxel: failed

Good luck. When it has come to SF in the past I would choose a over 
sea's mirror first.


  - (2^(N-1))

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