Migration to new SourceForge URL scheme part 2, SFE and some statistics

Alex Dupre ale at FreeBSD.org
Wed Sep 2 07:55:54 UTC 2009

Dmitry Marakasov ha scritto:
> Also, you can use this script: http://people.freebsd.org/~amdmi3/sf-speed.sh
> to find the fastest mirrors for you (to override MASTER_SITE_SOURCEFORGE)
> and/or to mail me so I improve sorting.

The script doesn't take into account that the word "saved" is localized
;-) In any case this is a result from Italy:

switch:   (1,49 MB/s)
surfnet:  (1,37 MB/s)
kent:     (1,32 MB/s)
freefr:   (1,22 MB/s)
heanet:   (1,01 MB/s)
voxel:     (936 KB/s)
sunet:     (611 KB/s)
iweb:      (414 KB/s)
osdn:      (384 KB/s)
softlayer: (316 KB/s)
ufpr:      (265 KB/s)
jaist:     (180 KB/s)
nchc:      (175 KB/s)
transact:  (147 KB/s)
internode: (136 KB/s)
biznetnetworks: (32,7 KB/s)
dfn: failed
garr: failed
ovh: failed

heanet seems to be the only one that reach > 1MB/s from all the tested
locations, maybe it could be the first in the SF list.

Alex Dupre

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