FreeBSD Port: asterisk-gui-2.0.4_2

Phillip Neumann pneumann at
Thu Oct 22 13:03:39 UTC 2009

Hello Bill,

unfortunatly, the hardware auto-configuration of hardware didnt really  
worked well in my tests.
I had to touch files manually to make it work.

A new version of asterisk-gui has not been released jet (as far as i  
I think if you try to use the version of the repository at asterisk  
(svn), things could work better for hardware.

I have not spent time on trying to fix this problem, hoping new  
version (i.e. with dahdi) would make this work better.

 From the other side, im not sure how stable are freebsd zaptel/dahdi  

Good luck!

El 19-10-2009, a las 11:17, Bill Harris escribió:

> Just wanted to thank you for your work on the asterisk gui.
> I have run across one problem with FreeBSD 7.2R.   Building Asterisk  
> from the
> latest sources at, then installing your port of the  
> gui, all works well
> until I happen to click on the hardware (which I have no hardware)  
> and the gui
> goes into a loop, and I have to force to goto a previous page to  
> abort the loop.
> Other options are fine, just the hardware tab.  The misdn tab  
> reports no bri
> hardware, and gives an OK button, perfect.
> Bill
> -- 
> Bill Harris
> Director of Technology
> Canyon Creek Christian Academy
> 2800 Custer Parkway
> Richardson, Texas 75080
> (972) 231-4890

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