php5-gd PNG support broken

Dominic Fandrey kamikaze at
Thu Oct 22 06:26:40 UTC 2009

I've got the following problem with php5-gd:

Warning: imagecreatefrompng() [function.imagecreatefrompng]: gd-png: fatal libpng error: [00][00][00][00]: unknown critical chunk in /usr/home/kamikaze/devel/workspace/realmsofsorrow/nightmare/core/nmTemplate.class.php on line 385

Warning: imagecreatefrompng() [function.imagecreatefrompng]: gd-png error: setjmp returns error condition in /usr/home/kamikaze/devel/workspace/realmsofsorrow/nightmare/core/nmTemplate.class.php on line 385

Warning: imagecreatefrompng() [function.imagecreatefrompng]: './templates/neo/layout/header_stretch.png' is not a valid PNG file in /usr/home/kamikaze/devel/workspace/realmsofsorrow/nightmare/core/nmTemplate.class.php on line 385

I get this message for all PNGs. I checked the files with Firefox,
and Gimp, they are all whole. They are also displayed by the e17
file browser, which relies on libpng.

My system:
FreeBSD mobileKamikaze.norad 7.2-STABLE FreeBSD 7.2-STABLE #0: Fri Jul  3 10:26:33 CEST 2009     root at mobileKamikaze.norad:/usr/obj/HP6510b/amd64/usr/src/sys/HP6510b  amd64




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