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>> I am the maintainer for security/barnyard2.  This is an updated version of
>> security/barnyard, which I also maintain.  The version of my port is the
>> current release version, but it has a really irritating problem that is fixed
>> in the current beta version.
>> Barnyard2 is a program that parses snort logs and inserts them into a
>> database (mysql or postgresql).  It is supposed to create a placemarker file
>> (called a waldo file) that maintains a record of what logs it has already
>> parsed.  (This is only one way of using the program.  There are others as
>> well.)  The problem in the release version is that it does not read the
>> waldo file when the program is restarted.  So every time you restart
>> barnyard2, it reinserts into the database every alert you still have log
>> files for.  The beta version fixes this problem.
>> I have created a port for the beta version and am using it myself, but I know
>> that using beta versions of software is frowned upon.  Should I go ahead and
>> submit this port because it solves this problem?
>> If I do, my thinking is that I should adjust the pkg-message file in the
>> existing port to warn the user about the problem and note that the beta
>> version solves it so they might want to consider using that instead.
> An option that you did not mention is to take the patch that fixes that
> single problem and include as a patch file for barnyard2.  That way it's
> not a true beta, it just has that single patch to fix a known problem.
> For me, I think that would be the preferred method in this case.

I *might* be able to do that, if I can figure out where in the code the problem 
is fixed.  I've had two semesters of C++, but I am not a programmer and 
consider myself the rankest of novices wrt code.

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