portmaster: grep: Argument list too long

Doug Barton dougb at FreeBSD.org
Mon Oct 19 04:43:27 UTC 2009

Kenyon Ralph wrote:
> I'm trying to replace perl 5.8 with perl 5.10, so I did this (as in the
> 20090328 /usr/ports/UPDATING entry):
> % sudo portmaster -v -t -D -o lang/perl5.10 lang/perl5.8
> % sudo portmaster -v -D -R -m 'FORCE_PKG_REGISTER=yes' -r perl-threaded-5.10.1
> (FORCE_PKG_REGISTER seems to be needed to keep libtool22 from erroring
> and stopping the portmaster run.)

I'm looking into this in more detail, but first I wonder why libtool
is being built at all. Did you follow the instructions in the 20090802
UPDATING entry to replace libtool15 with libtool22? You should not
need to use FORCE_PKG_REGISTER in this situation, that's a sign that
there is something wrong. I also suspect that it's masking a deeper
problem and is the cause of having things installed more than once in
the same portmaster run (which should never happen).

I'm also wondering if all your other ports are up to date (other than
switching perl versions). At least on my system perl is not required
by libtool so it doesn't make sense that it (or several of the other
things in your log) are being built at all.

I'm also concerned that there is something wrong with your /var/db/pkg
directory, since grep can handle an argument list of many thousands of
items without any problems. Can you do this and let me know what it
says: ls -d /var/db/pkg/* | wc -l

That number should match the number of ports that 'portmaster -l'
tells you that you have.

Finally I would run 'portmaster --check-depends' just to see if there
is anything else strange going on. You will probably get some errors
about no installed version of perl5.8 which is normal.



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