binary upgrade of packages

George Davidovich freebsd at
Mon Oct 19 01:24:04 UTC 2009

On Sun, Oct 18, 2009 at 10:57:54AM +0200, Christer Solskogen wrote:
> Is portupgrade the only tool that can upgrade packages by sharing
> /usr/ports? I was looking into pkg_upgrade from bsdadminscripts, but
> that tool seemed to download the INDEX file from even if
> I have it in /usr/ports.

I can't comment on the behaviour of pkg_upgrade, but your options,
irrespective of whether you're sharing out /usr/ports, using as a repository, or making use of your own local package
server, are currently limited to

	- portupgrade -PP
	- the pkg_upgrade script from bsdaminscripts
	- doing it manually by first using pkg_delete(1)

Personally, I'd like to see pkg_add(1) enhanced to accommodate the
binary-only upgrade functionality as provided by OpenBSD's pkg_add.


Then, again, I really do want a pony.  ;-)


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