FreeBSD Port: jdk-

Ted Burghart ted at
Sat Oct 17 20:30:37 UTC 2009


I'd just like to point out that the comment in the Makefile for this  
port about the space required to build it is quite inaccurate.  It says:

     IMPORTANT: To build the JDK 1.6.0 port, you should have at least
     2.5Gb of free disk space in the build area!

I have just built this port with debugging support but without the  
browser plugin on FreeBSD 7.2-stable and it's peak observed usage was  
nearly 5 GB in a fresh filesystem.  After re-labelling and newfs-ing  
the /usr/obj filesystem at around 3 GB, then 4 GB, I was finally able  
to build the port following a process essentially like this:

     # umount /usr/obj
     # newfs -Un -O 2 -b 16384 -f 2048 ... -o time /dev/stripe/obj
     # mount -o rw,noatime /dev/stripe/obj /usr/obj
     # df -h /usr/obj
     Filesystem           Size    Used   Avail Capacity  Mounted on
     /dev/stripe/obj      8.7G    2.0K    8.0G     0%    /usr/obj

     # cd /usr/ports/java/jdk16
     # make config ... debug on, plugin off
     # make install

The build clearly does some cleanup along the way, with the space at  
times dropping by hundreds of megabytes.  For obvious reasons, I  
didn't monitor the size continually, but on the occasions I did the  
highest I saw (at completion) was:

     # df -h /usr/obj
     Filesystem           Size    Used   Avail Capacity  Mounted on
     /dev/stripe/obj      8.7G    4.9G    3.1G    61%    /usr/obj

Having worked on this on-and-off for three days before using a large  
enough filesystem, it might be nice to future folks to revise the  
comment accordingly.

As an aside, please don't consider this to be a complaint.  I know  
that when I choose to build ports instead of using packages I do so at  
my own risk, but I prefer to build my entire system optimized for the  
machine it's running on.  My hat's off to you for getting this port to  
work at all despite the absurd roadblocks Sun puts in the way!


   - Ted

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