Bisyarin Artyom artyom at
Fri Oct 16 01:40:12 UTC 2009


There is a problem with "security/gorilla" port:
Gorilla application does not working after installation. It shows a dialog  
box which says that incr-tcl is needed, but "lang/itcl" is present. If we  
make a little change to "/usr/local/lib/gorilla/gorilla.tcl" and try to  
include itcl llibrary without exception catching, then following error  
message arise:
Error in startup script: version conflict for package "Tcl": have 8.5.7,  
need exactly 8.4
     while executing
"load /usr/local/lib/itcl3.3/../ Itcl"

Process of installing "security/gorilla" installs as dependecies  
"lang/tcl85" (USE_TCL_RUN=yes) and "x11-toolkits/tk85" (USE_TK=yes).   
Gorilla also requires "lang/itcl" which requires "lang/tcl84"  
(USE_TCL=84). So after Gorilla's installation we have "lang/tcl85",   
"lang/tcl84", "x11-toolkits/tk85"  and unworking Gorilla because  
"lang/itcl" can work with tk84, not with tk85. I think that  
"security/gorilla" must require "lang/tcl84" and "x11-toolkits/tk84". This  
approach works fine for me.

--- Makefile    2009-10-16 02:01:45.000000000 +0300
+++ myMakefile  2009-10-16 00:59:51.000000000 +0300
@@ -17,8 +17,8 @@
  LIB_DEPENDS=   itcl.3:${PORTSDIR}/lang/itcl

-USE_TCL_RUN=   yes
-USE_TK=                yes
+USE_TCL_RUN=   84
+USE_TK=                84
  NO_BUILD=      yes

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