Gallery3 beta Upgrade queries

David Southwell david at
Thu Oct 15 11:21:58 UTC 2009


When installing gallery3 beta 1 the default installation into 
/usr/local/www/gallery3 was copied to a site testing directory for working on 
the beta. We now have beta 3. My understanding from the Gallery3 team is that 
one should be able to upgrade from beta1 to beta 3 using  an upgrade option 
which applies changes to the appropriate files.

Is that option preserved in the latest version in the ports tree? If so how 
can it be applied?

Another query relates to future production use and that is would it be 
possible to have the port options extended to allow upgrades to be applied to 
multiple virtual on the same server by specifying  a list of gallery root 
paths? I realise this would add to the workload for the maintainer so I put 
forward the idea without any expectation!! 

However for practical purposes if we do not retain the ability to upgrade 
installed gallery3's production servers we will not be able to use the ports 
tree for updating gallery3 installations.

Any thoughts on this one?



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