Problem with FreeBSD port (re-post)

Mario Lobo mlobo at
Tue Oct 13 18:26:58 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 13 October 2009 10:43:15 Martin Wilke wrote:
> Mario,
> PLEASE PLEASE Stop now your cross posting, we are know about that error
> and we're working on that error. BUT we've ever said
> is our developers repo SO PLEASE DON'T BUG us for any errors in bluelife,
> if we're not call for test.

I am aware of that. My only wish was to contribute but please forgive 
my wrong approach.

> At the moment we're working on a split of virtualbox and kernel module
> that's why you have the error. We call for testing if we are think
> it's ready for a public test.
> - Martin on behalf of FreeBSD vbox team

I'll just seat quietly and keep on trying what comes out of svn (just like 
I've been doing all along).

Sorry about the noise. It won't happen again.

Mario Lobo
FreeBSD since version 2.2.8 [not Pro-Audio.... YET!!] (99,7% winedows FREE)

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