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Fri Oct 9 20:21:24 UTC 2009

Desmond da Peoples wrote:
>You need to enable the CVSup file. Look in the handbook for installing the ports tree.
>Go to chapter 4.5 in the freebsd handbook and follow the directions there.
>Be sure that you have a good connection.

?! Which part of the OP's "The computer I am using has no internet
connection" didn't you understand?

>> I am attempting to load FreeBSD-7.0.

Why 7.0?  You should probably use >= 7.2.

>>The computer I am using has no internet >>connection.  Could you please let me have the location and name of the file(s) that portsnap needs to do its 'extract' thing.

You can read portsnap.sh (it is a shell script) to see what is going
on.  It may need to grab a snapshot, metadata, tags, and keys from one
or more of a list of portsnap servers.  Since the files it needs
change over time, and since by manually downloading these files you
will be bypassing some of the integrity and security checks that are
the main benefit of portsnap anyway, I think it will be more
convenient for you to just download a new ports and index tarball,
from, for example:


or one of the mirrors listed in the FreeBSD handbook, and unpack it
into /usr/ports or whatever using tar(1) (don't forget to preserve
your distfiles subdirectory if it is part of the old ports tree that
you will need to delete first before unpacking the new one.)  If you
end up using a version of FreeBSD other than 7, you will need to
substitute that version for the 7 in the URL of the index file above.

If you are going to be updating often, then you should probably use
some form of incremental update, so you are not downloading a 45MB
tarball each time -- you could run a cvs or rsync client on the
machine that has an internet connection, but it would probably be most
convenient to just learn to use ctm(1), which was designed for this
purpose.  (See


.) Then you could subscribe to the ctm-ports-cur mailing list and get
your small incremental updates via email, after making only one big
download.  Don't forget that you'll have to fetch any new port
distfiles manually as well -- running 'make fetch-recursive-list' the
origins of each of the ports that need to be added or updated can help
you compile a list of the needed files.  For example, after unpacking
your new ports tree, you could run:

pkg_version -oIq -l '<' | tr -d ' ' | xargs -I % make -C /usr/ports/%

to get a list of any new distfiles for installed ports that have been updated.


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