FreeBSD Port: drivel-2.0.2_10

Neil Williams codehelp at
Thu Oct 8 11:35:22 UTC 2009

drivel 3.0.0 is now on release.

Drivel 3.0.0 ("Ready for the future")

  * Improvements:
  - Drop remnants of old libraries including:
     libglade2, libgnome2 and libgnomeui.
  - Drop deprecated functions from existing libraries,
    ready for the upcoming Gtk+3.0 transitions.
  - Migrate from libgtksourceview1.0 to libgtksourceview2.0
  - Add patches from bugzilla that have accumulated since 2.0.4
  - Include and enhance code from the previous trunk (the
    unreleased 2.1.1) codebase.
  - Include translated versions of the Drivel Manual.

  * Issues:
  - Serendipity upstream has disabled XMLRPC due to a bug in
     PHP 5.2 which appears to be fixed in the current 5.2 release.
     The xmlrpc support in serendipity is disabled but does work
     again if the xmlrpc plugin is downloaded and installed:
  - drivel is not able to retrieve recent entries from all blog engines
     as a result of the removal of libegg / issues with the
     GtkRecentEntries support.
  - Past-date support in LJ is disabled in 3.0.0.


Neil Williams

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