possible security problem? FreeBSD Port: www/adzap

Guido Falsi mad at madpilot.net
Tue Oct 6 11:03:21 UTC 2009

On Mon, Oct 05, 2009 at 09:38:51PM -0400, B. Cook wrote:
> Hello all,
> Strange thing going on w/ adzap.. possible problem on the server?
> Seems as if md5/sha256 doesn't match.. but the size is right.

I'm using adzap extensively at home and at work, so I'm quite
interested in solving this problem.

I checked the archieves(I have an old one handy in a server's
distifles dir too). It looks like the archieve contents are
identical(diffing old and new archieve content gives no diff).

It looks like the distfile was rerolled in some way. Maybe some
automatic procedure on sourceforge?

I could contact the author and ask. If it's just a new ditifle we
can simply update the port to reflect the situation.

I'll let you know!

Guido Falsi <mad at madpilot.net>

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