PackageKit Ports

Anders F Björklund afb at
Mon Oct 5 17:01:35 UTC 2009

Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:

>> Didn't post the ports earlier (before this backend backport),
>> since it was kinda useless to run with the "dummy" backend. :-)
> No problem.  I did notice some nits in the plist of packagekit.  You
> should not include blank lines (even to logically segment  
> sections).  If
> you want true separation, use separate plists.  Once I have some time,
> I'll go through them in more detail.  I'd love to get them committed.

Will make some real PR requests for the ports for you to review, then.
(thought I had run them all through "portlint", but I'm new at it all)
Hopefully that megapatch + autogen won't be needed after 0.4.10 either.

>> Currently PackageKit requires both PolicyKitOne (0.9x) and also
>> Glib 2.22+, which was why it needed to wait for GNOME 2.28 etc.
> If you want to test the latest version with GNOME 2.28, see
> .  We have GNOME 2.28
> with polkit-0.9.4 in the tree.

I do have some PackageKit-devel etc. ports, but couldn't keep up
with the development during GNOME 2.27... Now that GNOME 2.28
(and GPackageKit 2.28 and GLib 2.22) has been released, I might.

>> gnome-packagekit requires DeviceKit-power for "battery" support,
>> but I added a disabler meanwhile (i.e. assume power is connected).
> Cool.  That support will be coming.  They have finally merged a branch
> of DK-power which offers modular backend support.  My project for  
> 2.30 is DK-power.

For my desktop, battery support wasn't really "mandatory" anyway...
(Moblin developers had another opinion, so it's required in 2.28.0)
But I'm also normally using either KDE or Xfce, rather than GNOME.


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