Problem building Openoffice 3.1.1 at -current

Maho NAKATA chat95 at
Sun Oct 4 02:16:38 UTC 2009

Hi Alexey,

From: Alexey Shuvaev <shuvaev at>
Subject: Re: Problem building Openoffice 3.1.1 at -current
Date: Sun, 04 Oct 2009 02:34:52 +0200

> I hate OOO...
me too...

> With the attached patch I was able to complete the build on
> amd64 9-CURRENT. Will charge 9-amd64-Ports and 9-i386-Ports tinderboxes
> to test in a clean environment. Testing on 8-RC is still welcome.
> Just drop patch-OOO_XXX_CURRENT into files/ and try to rebuild.

many thanks for your patch. and it looks okay.

BUT Please sign to SCA, otherwise we cannot upstream.

If you would like to submit patches for, please fill out and submit SCA (or JCA or CA), (announcement). otherwise, we won't commit them, even for the FreeBSD ports cvs repo. If you want to learn more, please check the License FAQ. Here is a list of people who have signed the SCA, JCA and CA.

-- Nakata Maho , 
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