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Fri Oct 2 08:56:17 UTC 2009

El día Friday, October 02, 2009 a las 10:18:15AM +0200, Bernhard Froehlich escribió:

> That port includes the net-im/libpurple Makefile and that defines which
> version and distfile that is. So you would have to fetch that too and
> change the path where it is included ... very ugly. There are probably
> other dependencies updated too that you would also need to track manually.
> How about updating your ports tree as everybody else does?

You are absolutely right, I should do this, but I can't because I need
my FreeBSD laptop for real work and can't compile every day my hundreds
of ports and build binary packages of them to install them on my smaller
EeePC (where you can't compile anything because of the speed).

I only wanted to update that IM because of the Yahoo problem. Anyway, I
have compiled from source and it works. I used the pkg-plist of the
pidgin-2.6.2 port to create a tar ball from what is installed in
/usr/local of pidgin which perhaps will work on the
EeePC as well.

Will do a full update around Christmas, when I have time for such a work

Thx for your hint anyway.

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