libthr on current breaks some ports

Kostik Belousov kostikbel at
Fri Nov 27 13:16:22 UTC 2009

On Fri, Nov 27, 2009 at 11:40:44AM +0100, Dag-Erling Sm??rgrav wrote:
> Manfred Antar <null at> writes:
> > The new addition to Makefile on /lib/libthr  "-Wl,-znodlopen "
> > Breaks php4 and mhash on my current 1386
> If they try to dlopen() libthr, they're already broken.
As an absolute minimum, you get non-working errno, because libraries
loaded after libthr reference libthr threaded errno, while libc still
uses global errno.

Once, I spent several hours searching for the memory corruption
only to realize this.

> > I'm sure other ports that use it are broken too as can't load the lib.
> I doubt it.
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