Possible duplicate port - www/pecl-http vs. www/pecl-pecl_http

Sean McAfee smcafee at collaborativefusion.com
Tue Nov 24 17:54:58 UTC 2009

Sean McAfee wrote:
> It appears that these two ports are actually duplicates.
> pecl-pecl_http appears to have a more fleshed out Makefile, but hasn't 
> been updated to the new version.
> I'd normally go all Columbo on the commits and try to track it down, but 
> don't have the time right now.
> I figured I'd put it out on list/to maintainers before doing a PR.

The maintainer of pecl-pecl_http is currently unreachable, so he likely 
won't be able to chime in:

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<zaa at zaa.pp.ru>:
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Sean McAfee
Senior Systems Engineer

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