textproc/xmlcharent fails to install

Alexander Churanov alexanderchuranov at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 18:38:54 UTC 2009


Today I've decided to install textproc/docbook-500 and it failed to install
because of the issue with xmlcharent. In logs I see the following:

/usr/local/bin/xmlcatmgr -sc /usr/local/share/sgml/catalog.ports add CATALOG
/usr/local/bin/xmlcatmgr -c /usr/local/share/xml/catalog.ports add
nextCatalog /usr/local/share/xml/xmlcharent/catalog.xml
xmlcatmgr: missing XML declaration; invalid document
xmlcatmgr: catalog does not look like an XML file; missing prolog
xmlcatmgr: errors while parsing catalog; aborting

The file /usr/local/share/xml/xmlcharent/catalog.xml looks like a good xml
The "xmllint -noout /usr/local/share/xml/xmlcharent/catalog.xml" command
does not print any errors.

In addition, when I've tried to install textproc/libxslt using portinstall,
it somehow re-started the build of docbook-500, which of course failed.

I am running 7.2-RELEASE/i386.

1) Is it my fault or I should file a PR?
2) Do you know a workaround? My aim is to try the docbook in xml format.

Alexander Churanov

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