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Does your business need a trade mark?


Every company has a trade mark. You can't trade without one - how
else would your existing customers find you again and how would new
customers find you in the first place?

Most trade marks, of course, are not as valuable as Coca Cola or
Microsoft. But, still, your mark is an asset that should be protected
against potential misuse by others.

Think - if someone else used your trade mark (or even a similar
mark), would your customers (or potential new customers) be confused?
And would that confusion be detrimental to your business?

If just one sale is lost because someone has bought goods from
another company thinking that they are your goods, or if you are a
service provider and you lose out on work that should have come to
you because one of your competitors has used your mark or something
similar, that is already too much lost business. If confusion arises,
you will not lose just the one sale. 

If you need to stop someone from using a trade mark that is the same
or similar to your mark, your company name registration is no basis
of an objection.

You should not rely on unregistered rights if you are serious about
protecting your trade mark.

Once a trade mark is registered, the owner of the registration can
stop others from using the mark (or a mark that is similar to the
mark as registered) and, just as important, registration can help you
to avoid problems that will arise if someone else registers your mark
(or a similar

mark) before you do.

It should be noted that in most instances your prior use of a mark
will not help you if someone else gets a registration. If you have
not registered first, you could be stopped from using your trade mark
if someone else obtains a registration.

Costs for other countries vary. Once granted, a registration will
last initially for 10 years and, subject to paying renewal fees
thereafter, they can remain in force forever.

We provide professional services:

1) Patent Drafting & Application

2) Trade Mark

3) Copyright

4) Industrial Design

To Protect Your Brand(s) or TradeMark now, please reply this email or
call us for further information.

kindly regards,

Mr Wai Gan

Tel: +6014.6216.007

Trade Mark Consultant

Suite 33-01, 33rd Floor, Menara Keck Seng,

203, Jalan Bukit Bintang,52100 Kuala Lumpur.


Service Areas: Asia Pacific | Europe | USA

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