ossec port is outdated and no maintainer replies

Peter Jeremy peterjeremy at acm.org
Tue Nov 17 17:52:11 UTC 2009

On 2009-Nov-17 21:53:51 +0600, Yuri Gorchakov <yuri.gorchakov at point-group.ru> wrote:
>is there any way to stimulate security/ossec-hids-* port development or
>In ports we have 2.0 version of the ossec HID program but 2.2. has been
>out there for a while, 2.1 version of which fixed major FreeBSD issue.
>I've tried to reach the maintainer of the port by e-mail, but got no
>reply at all.

It is the maintainer's responsibility to update the port.  If the
existing maintainer has vanished, you can take over maintainership by
submitting a PR that updates the port and changes the MAINTAINER line.
If the ports team are unable to contact the maintainer after a suitable
period then your PR will be committed and you will become the maintainer.

Peter Jeremy
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