Question about creating a port for saga gis

Rainer Hurling rhurlin at
Fri Nov 13 09:48:06 UTC 2009

This is my first try to create a port and I may need some help. I am 
working on porting the linux version of SAGA GIS (see

Unfortunately I have problems to let the port fetch the distfile. I 
tried many ways described in the porters handbook without success.

The distfile is located at

I tried for example with combinations of

PORTNAME=      saga
DISTNAME=      saga_2.0.4_src_linux

but the main problem seems to be the '/download' after the filename.

Fetching the file by hand works but I have no clue how to describe this 
path in the ports Makefile.

Your help is greatly appreciated,
Rainer Hurling

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