security/gnupg installing pth-2.0.7 causing problems

Jun Kuriyama kuriyama at
Thu Nov 12 23:47:48 UTC 2009

2009/11/9 David Southwell <david at>:
>> 2009/11/8 David Southwell <david at>:
> What puzzles me is why the gnupg maintainer is sooooooooo reluctant to provide
> alternative options to using pth when there are both system libraries and
> libpthread-stubs-0.1 available as an alternative.  Dependencuy upon
> libpthread-stubs-0.1 enables gnupg to function without causing unnecessary
> problems. My understand is the pth was written for those systems which do not
> have alternative  libraries for handling threads.

My understanding is, stock gnupg dist depends on pth (even if
described as optional).

It seems using libpthread-stubs needs to modify configure script.  Do you have a
patch for this?

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