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Miroslav Lachman 000.fbsd at
Tue Nov 10 17:09:46 UTC 2009

Doug Ambrisko wrote:
> Sean McAfee writes:
> | Frank J. Laszlo wrote:
> |>  Philip M. Gollucci wrote:
> |>>  Vladimir Ermakov wrote:
> |>>
> |>>>  Hi, all.
> |>>>  please appreciate my port *megacli*
> |>>>
> |>>>
> |>>>
> |>>
> |>>  Is that different from this the port, is it an update?
> |>>
> |>>  Path:   /usr/ports/sysutils/linux-megacli
> |>
> |>  Since the megacli application now has a native binary, should be not
> |>  DEPRICATE the linux version?
> |>
> |>  Regards,
> |>     Frank Laszlo
> |
> | Probably not. I noted this when I originally filed the PR for
> | linux-megacli2, but the 1.x, 2.x, and 4.x versions support dramatically
> | different hardware lines.
> |
> | As an example, this native version is 4.x and does not support the Dell
> | PERC5.
> I find this hard to believe and in my experience with a fresh download
> from LSI's web-site the FreeBSD and Linux variants work just fine
> on my PERC5's for things like -AdpAllInfo.  There is no real firmware
> interface difference between between the PERC5 and PERC6.  So I don't
> know where you get this from.  Specifics in which things are broken
> could be nice so I can look at getting them fixed.  I put in the
> management ioctl path that they use into FreeBSD a long time ago.
> They did find some bugs in some new management features that are
> fixed in 7.1 and I need to merge back to 6.  Unfortunately, this work
> happened after the last 6.X version was released :-(
> | IMO, linux-megacli, linux-megacli2, and megacli should all exist as
> | independent ports.
> I would say not.  Let's get rid of the Linux variant and use the FreeBSD
> native ones.  The FreeBSD should be a lot easier to run then the
> Linux one and won't have the potential NFS hang issue that Linux does.
> It's nice to see the FreeBSD version and would be interesting to see
> how much my hand was involved in that ...
> My employer's FreeBSD native tool works across all of the MegaRAID SAS
> type cards and Dell servers that I've tried which pre-dates the MegaCLI
> for FreeBSD.  Prior versions of MegaCLI also did.  I can't say I've
> tried all options with the latest MegaCLI.

I am little confused by all these MegaRAID utilities available in ports. 
(I am new to LSI MegaRAID).

I have new Dell R610 with PERC6 identified as:

mfi0: <Dell PERC 6> port 0xfc00-0xfcff mem 
0xdf180000-0xdf1bffff,0xdf1c0000-0xdf1fffff irq 16 at device 0.0 on pci3
mfi0: Megaraid SAS driver Ver 3.00

What is the recommended tool to monitor (and manage) the state of the 
PERC6 array?

I also found on LSI website, that newer FreeBSD MegaCli is available:

But I don't know if it supports previous HW or not.

Release Date: 02/19/2009
MegaRAID SAS 8704EM2
MegaRAID SAS 8708EM2
MegaRAID SAS 8880EM2

Release Date: 10/20/2009
MegaRAID SAS 9260-4i
MegaRAID SAS 9260-8i
MegaRAID SAS 9260DE-8i
MegaRAID SAS 9280-8e
MegaRAID SAS 9280DE-8e

I don't know if later is addition to previous list or if it is exclusive 

Will current sysutils/megacli be updated to 5.00.15?

Miroslav Lachman

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