FreeBSD Port: valgrind-3.5.0_1,1

Nikolaj Thygesen nikolaj.thygesen at
Sun Nov 8 22:49:20 UTC 2009


    Valgrind still seems troubled when it comes to multithreaded 
programs. It seems pthread_self() always returns the same id no matter 
which thread calls it - possibly the id of last created thread. Running 
a simple test program under Valgrind fails whereas running it as a 
regular binary works fine.

    No matter how you twist and turn the creation of mutex'es they seem 
to always end up recursive, and don't really protect anything as thay 
can be taken by multiple threads simultaneously. They also seem to 
behave differently depending on whether they were initialized 
dynamically - as in using pthread_mutex_init() - or statically as in 

    br - N :o)

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