Issues with devel/boost-* on Sparc64

Boris Kochergin spawk at
Sun Nov 8 02:12:29 UTC 2009

Alexander Churanov wrote:
> HI folks!
> As I know, currently devel/boost-libs port fails to build on sparc64.
> I had a discussion of this in September. The root cause is unknown for
> me. To investigate into this further I need either access to a sparc64
> box or a person who has access and whom I may instruct with the
> actions to perform.
> Are there any plans to fix ports for sparc64 before the release?
> Sincerely,
> Alexander Churanov,
> maintainer of devel/boost-*
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Ahoy. I can give you shell access to a reasonably-speedy sparc64 machine 
(4 x 300 MHz) running 8.0-BETA.


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