forcing ports to use Perl 5.8.8

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Thu Nov 5 10:01:53 UTC 2009

rihad wrote:
> rihad wrote:
>> Matthew Seaman wrote:

>>> Basically, just don't upgrade perl.  The various perl modules will 
>>> adapt to
>>> whatever version is installed. If you use portupgrade(1) et al, add 
>>> 'perl-*' to the HOLD_PKGS array in /usr/local/etc/pkgtools.conf. If 
>>> you use portmaster(1), create a file
>>> +IGNOREME in /var/db/pkg/perl-5.8.8/

> Yes, I'm using portmaster. Should /var/db/pkg/perl-5.8.8_1/+IGNOREME 
> be an empty file?


> portmaster manual says:
>      /var/db/pkg/*/+IGNOREME
>            If this file exists, several things will happen:
>            1. The port will be ignored for all purposes, including
>                dependency updates, if there is no directory for it in
>                /usr/ports, and there is no entry for it in 
> /usr/ports/MOVED.
> I don't understand the if part. There _is_ a directory for lang/perl5.8 
> in ports, so the port _won't_ be ignored?

I don't understand it either.  Perhaps that should read "... dependency
updates, *as* if there is no directory for it in..."?  Otherwise that 
bit of text effectively says that +IGNOREME has no effect for ports that
either exist currently in the ports tree, or that used to and that have an
entry in MOVED.  Which would make +IGNOREME pretty useless most of the



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