DeviceKit development?

Dominic Fandrey kamikaze at
Mon Nov 2 10:48:27 UTC 2009

This mail is a statement of a common opinion in a German
BSD community. In depth information would be much appreciated,
currently all our understanding and thus everything that follows
is based on rumours.

The German community is pretty upset about HAL and all the troubles
we've had with it. In our eyes HAL is a polling nightmare
that is technically obsolete because the FreeBSD kernel offers
a register/notify model via devd, which is obviously superior.
I.e. it only causes system load when an event occurs, as opposed
to all the time with polling.

Also many users used to have stability issues with HAL. I know of
none, currently, but the common wisdom in the German community is
that life without HAL is a better life.

Seeing that the Linux world has trouble with HAL, too and appears to
be abandoning it, it becomes necessary to implement the replacement
DeviceKit, which appears to be going on as a part of porting Gnome3.
Something which I have no first hand information about.

While DeviceKit addresses the messy interface issue of HAL I am
afraid that it still relies on the same polling methods as HAL.

So it might prove as troublesome as HAL.

What we wish for is a separate implementation that, though offering
the same interface as DeviceKit, should be tightly coupled with
FreeBSD facilities like devd. This would hopefully avoid the
access right violations and stability issues that have been raised
by HAL in the past.

Of course, this would be a mighty endeavour and requires a stable
DeviceKit API. But it appears to me (and others as well), that
it might well prove to be the least troublesome path in the long

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