lsof build failed under FreeBSD 7.2-STABLE AMD64

James Chang james.technew at
Sun Nov 1 13:32:22 UTC 2009

Dear Sir,
     I tru to build lsof (/usr/ports/sysutils/lsof) under FreeBSD
7.2-STABLE(AMD X64).
It show me the following ERROR messages.

===>  Vulnerability check disabled, database not found
===>  Extracting for lsof-4.83B,4
=> MD5 Checksum OK for lsof_4.83B.freebsd.tar.bz2.
=> SHA256 Checksum OK for lsof_4.83B.freebsd.tar.bz2.
===>  Patching for lsof-4.83B,4
===>  Configuring for lsof-4.83B,4
Creating ./lockf_owner.h from /usr/src/sys/kern/kern_lockf.c
./lockf_owner.h creation succeeded.
rm -f ddev.c dfile.c dlsof.h dmnt.c dnode*.c dproc.c dproto.h dsock.c
dstore.c dzfs.h kernelbase.h machine.h machine.h.old new_machine.h
__lseek.s Makefile Makefile.zfs ./tests/config.cflags
rm -f ./tests/ ./tests/config.xobj ./tests/config.ldflags
Testing C library for localtime() and strftime(), using cc ... present
ln -s dialects/freebsd/dlsof.h dlsof.h
ln -s dialects/freebsd/dmnt.c dmnt.c
ln -s dialects/freebsd/dnode.c dnode.c
ln -s dialects/freebsd/dnode1.c dnode1.c
ln -s dialects/freebsd/dnode2.c dnode2.c
ln -s dialects/freebsd/dproc.c dproc.c
ln -s dialects/freebsd/dproto.h dproto.h
ln -s dialects/freebsd/dsock.c dsock.c
ln -s dialects/freebsd/dstore.c dstore.c
ln -s dialects/freebsd/dzfs.h dzfs.h
ln -s dialects/freebsd/machine.h machine.h
Makefile and lib/Makefile created.
Makefile.zfs created.
./tests/ created
./tests/config.cflags created
./tests/config.ldflags created
./tests/config.xobj created
===>  Building for lsof-4.83B,4
(cd lib; make DEBUG="-O2" CFGF="-fno-strict-aliasing -pipe
-march=nocona -DHASRPCV2H -DHASEFFNLINK=i_effnlink -DHASF_VNODE
cc  -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe -march=nocona -DHASRPCV2H
-DLSOF_VSTR="7.2-STABLE" -I/usr/src/sys -O2 -c ckkv.c
In file included from ../dlsof.h:81,
                 from ../lsof.h:195,
                 from ckkv.c:43:
/usr/src/sys/sys/conf.h:144: error: expected declaration specifiers or
'...' before 'vm_memattr_t'
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/sysutils/lsof/work/lsof_4.83B.freebsd/lib.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/sysutils/lsof/work/lsof_4.83B.freebsd.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/sysutils/lsof.

Best Regards

                James Chang

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