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>On Sat, Mar 28, 2009 at 01:33:15PM -0400, Jerry wrote:
>> I have a Perl program that I am thinking of porting to FreeBSD. The
>> program has to be installed in the 'cgi-bin'. 
>> I was thinking something like:
>> "$(WWWDIR}/apache${APACHE_VERSION}/cgi-bin" might be the way to
>> direct the install to the correct directory. Is there a better way?
>> I cannot find a macro that directly references the cgi-bin.
>We have a policy against installations that would automaticlly be on
>the network.  You need to install it elsewhere (often a directory
>under WWWDIR) and tell people how to add the appropriate configuration
>directives to http.conf or to copy the file into cgi-bin in

The program is DADA Mail. It installs a 'mail.cgi' in the cgi-bin and
then installs the rest of its files, perl modules, etc. in a hierarchy
several layers deep in the cgi-bin directory. We are talking
about a lot of files here. Expecting the end user to properly move the
files from a temporary directory to the cgi-bin and then properly
changing the file(s) properties would seem a little extreme. However,
if that is the only way I can do it, I will investigate writing a
script that the end user could invoke to accomplish this feat. It does
seem a little over the top however. Due to the way DADA Mail is
written, the author does not believe it can be run from other than that
directory along with its associated files.

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