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Chuck Robey chuckr at telenix.org
Tue Mar 24 18:34:52 PDT 2009

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Doug Barton wrote:
> Marco Bröder wrote:
>> On Tue March 24 2009 19:24:44 Chuck Robey wrote:
>>> OTOH, the KDE folks deserve an attaboy for NOT doing this to folks.
>> Please post your insults somewhere else but not here! Do not spam the 
>> mailing lists with such a nonsense!
> Marco, I think you misunderstood what Chuck said. The term "attaboy"
> is an English colloquialism that means roughly "congratulations for a
> job well done." What Chuck is saying is that the kde maintainers
> should be congratulated for adding appropriate pkg-descr files to the
> ports they maintain.
>> You actually have a very annoying and insulting attitude in several of your 
>> mails! This time I cannot ignore it anymore because such an attitude makes 
>> me very angry ... :-( 
> While you certainly have the right to your opinion, it's probably
> better if personal problems are handled personally, rather than on the
> lists.
>> Otherwise please do not spam the mailing lists! It is extremely annoying if 
>> someone writes unqualified rants about something but actually do not 
>> contribute anything or even have any clue at all about it.
> There is a fine line here between a user identifying a problem and
> reporting it to the list (which is totally legitimate) and someone who
> is asking others to do work they are unwilling to do. I don't know the
> situation here well enough to judge, but if it's true that there are a
> large number of ports with duplicate and/or inappropriate pkg-descr
> files then reporting it is reasonable; if for no other reason than
> because it may spur someone who does have time to pick up the project.
> It's also worthwhile to point out problems (especially widespread
> ones) so that those who are learning to write/maintain ports
> themselves don't pick up on bad habits.
> Like I said above, there is a fine line here, but it doesn't appear to
> me that Chuck has crossed it. (At least not this time.) :)

(thanks for that, Doug)

Sure didn't mean to say *anything* derogatory about the FreeBSD-KDE group.
Their doing all this works saves me a ton of work myself, and no mistake.  Heck,
not being personally that hot a C++ coder, I might not even be able to
completely port it, no matter how much time I take.

I just felt that some of the pkg-descr's have been skimped.  And, NOT in KDE,
either.  I used to do a LOT of FreeBSD committing, but stopped when I developed
disagreements with the strategy that FreeBSD-ports moved towards some time back.
 I had a perfectly good chance (back then) to comment, so I don't feel right
about ever bringing that up, again, but I don't agree, so I don't do it anymore.
 That's fair, isn't it?  I used to do a ton of ports, often picking just the
biggest ones (as fair challenges).

The best way to disagree is to have your fair say, then shut up, right?  If
things had gone differently, I might still be committing.  I still really like
FreeBSD, just have a bone about implementation strategy with ports.

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