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Marco Bröder marco.broeder at gmx.eu
Tue Mar 24 14:29:49 PDT 2009

On Tue March 24 2009 19:24:44 Chuck Robey wrote:

> OTOH, the KDE folks deserve an attaboy for NOT doing this to folks.

Please post your insults somewhere else but not here! Do not spam the 
mailing lists with such a nonsense! You do not have the right to judge the 
kde@ people!

You actually have a very annoying and insulting attitude in several of your 
mails! This time I cannot ignore it anymore because such an attitude makes 
me very angry ... :-( 

> someone's being very lazy here.

Yes, you are the one who is lazy! Do the work and submit patches! If done 
right no one from kde@ will reject those.

Otherwise please do not spam the mailing lists! It is extremely annoying if 
someone writes unqualified rants about something but actually do not 
contribute anything or even have any clue at all about it.

You make a lot of noise - especially at kde-freebsd at kde.org mailing list - 
you do strange things, ask people about your problems which only occurred 
because you do things in strange fashion and you also demand a lot. 
Especially kde@ people do not have the time for your unsupported 
experiments. Do not steel their time! They have a lot of other things to do.

It is a horribly intensive task to maintain the QT4 and KDE stuff. Max and 
Martin and several other volunteers do a very good job and actually do not 
deserve such a poor statement of you!

It looks like you know nothing about the actual work and time needed to port 
and maintain those beasts. If something is not done yet then nobody had the 
time to do it yet. It is that simple. There are many things which need some 
love or even need to be done at all. But if nobody does something nothing 
gets done at all.

If that sounds rude - sorry, but it is the truth!

Marco Bröder <marco.broeder at gmx.eu>
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