qt4 ports descriptions

Chuck Robey chuckr at telenix.org
Tue Mar 24 11:24:46 PDT 2009

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someone's being very lazy here.  I decided to learn a bit of qt4, so I went
looking at the dozen different ports of qt4-* in ports/devel.  Whoever did those
ports copied the description of the entire qt (not  even noting what  version it
is) to every single one of the ports, although they AREN'T all the same thing.
At least some care, even 30 seconds, should have been given to allow at least a
vague hint as to what the ports do.

The ports diagnostic tools really ought to be made to detect when someone's
decided they didn't need to give any kind of desciption at all, I would think
that things which source in the same bsd.n.mk files, they could be checked to
see if they all have identical, useless  pkg-descr files.

OTOH, the KDE folks deserve an attaboy for NOT doing this to folks.
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