bgpctl (openbgp) dies when reloading

yan berthier yb at
Tue Mar 24 07:44:12 PDT 2009

   hello all

   machine is freebsd/amd64, 7.1-REL

   bgpctl reload dies with:

bgpd[12853]: imsg_get: imsg hdr len 0 out of bounds, type=0
bgpd[12853]: fatal in SE: session_dispatch_imsg: imsg_get error: Broken
bgpd[12852]: fatal in RDE: rde_dispatch_imsg_session: pipe closed
bgpd[12851]: dispatch_imsg in main: pipe closed

   more specifically, it works fine (reloading the config) up to 17
   sessions, and dies as soon as an 18th one is added

   does that ring any bell to somebody ?


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