what to use as source for libss?

Benjamin Kaduk kaduk at MIT.EDU
Tue Mar 24 00:21:46 PDT 2009

Hi all,

I'm looking to make a port for libss, so that I
can make another port (the zephyr IM library)
that depends on it.  FreeBSD used to have a libss,
but kris removed it 7 years ago because it was not
getting used.
NetBSD still installs a libss, and they use the
source from Heimdal (which is in lib/sl, interestingly enough).
I asked around here at MIT, and people indicated that
the most current version of a libss would be in the
e2fsprogs package, and, in fact, that source package
is used for the Debian libss package.

It seems kind of sad to pull in another tarball when
there is probably somethin good enough in the
base system source, but my understanding is that
we want to keep the ports system useable even when
there is no source present for the base system.

Could someone with more experience than me please
confirm (or contradict) my reasoning that the
e2fsprogs tarball is the right thing to use as a
source package, here?


Ben Kaduk

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