hm... boo[ze|st] anyone?

Alexander Churanov alexanderchuranov at
Sat Mar 21 15:38:58 PDT 2009


In brief, you'll get boost-1.38 (and then 1.39) very soon, but
probably not in /usr/local/include/boost.

The main issue in updating deve/boost is in large number of ports that
depend on it. This work is in progress and there is some real progress
with it.

As for the alternate port of 1.38 with non-system (versioned) layout -
I've just created that and going to present it and start a discussion
in a few days after doing some testing.

I'm sure that after 1.38 is ported, 1.39 will be ported with minimal
delay, since I hope there are no new decisions to make.

The status of porting is recorded at

Alexander Churanov,
maintainer of devel/boost

P.S. Regarding the subject of the message: I hardly recognized that
it's relevant to me. Plain text "boost" or (and better) "devel/boost"
increases chances for the message to be answered. It really easy to
overlook a fancy-titled message.

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