mtools vs X11 (Re: FreeBSD Port: syslinux-3.72)

Doug Barton dougb at
Fri Mar 20 22:00:11 PDT 2009

Steven Kreuzer wrote:
> when you do a make install for the mtools port, it does not prompt you
> if you would like to build the port without X11.

I think enough users have expressed the opinion (which I share) that
it would be reasonable to add an OPTION to this effect. We're fairly
well into the era where users expect that significant build options
will be presented in the OPTIONS menu, and this certainly qualifies.

As to your other suggestion, I don't see anything wrong with a
-without-gui version of the port, but I think that rather than
copying/forking the port it would work best as a master/slave version.
If I (or better yet, someone else :) ) can find the time to add a
without-gui slave port do you have any objections to the mtools port
being modified for use as a master, and having the OPTION added?


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