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Mika Veijonsuo mveijons at
Thu Mar 19 00:54:00 PDT 2009

On Thu, 19 Mar 2009 07:05:33 +0100
Leslie Jensen <leslie at> wrote:

> PySolFC-1.1                    !   Comparison failed
> wine-1.1.16,1                  <   needs updating (index has 1.1.17,1)
> My first question is: What is wrong when Comparison fails?

It seems that the port was renamed from games/PySolFC to games/pysolfc
recently, so there is no games/PySolFC in the ports for pkg_version to
compare to.

> Second question is when I try to build wine it'll fail saying that port 
> is marked IGNORE.
> ___________________
> Port directory: /usr/ports/emulators/wine
>          ===>>> This port is marked IGNORE
>          ===>>> builds, but fails upon startup
>          ===>>> If you are sure you can build it, remove the
>                 IGNORE line in the Makefile and try again.
> ____________________
> If the port is marked IGNORE why is it listed as a new version. 
> Logically I would think that a port marked IGNORE should not be listed 
> as having a new version.

Well, there is a new version, it's just that there is some problems
with it. :P

- Mika

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