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Mon Mar 16 04:06:08 PDT 2009

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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o ports/132682            [patch] fix lang/tinycobol/pkg-plist to allow building
f ports/132652            [patch] lang/schemetoc: break dependency on gcc 2.95
f ports/132642            [UPDATE] databases/mysqltuner : update to 1.0.0
o ports/132607            security/denyhosts: command_interpreter warnings in /v
f ports/132578            ports/net/isc-dhcp30-server:  Compile error : dhcpd.c:
f ports/132559            Update port: sysutils/ipmitool update to 1.8.11
o ports/132557            sysutils/lsof: HASSECURITY patch is not needed
o ports/132556            New port: ftp/vsftpd-ext   Extended build of ftp/vsftp
f ports/132542            ports/math/R does not compile properly on FreeBSD 8.0-
f ports/132536            mail/assp periodically hangs up I/O
o ports/132433            new port devel/pjsip
o ports/132429            [MAINTAINER] www/firefox3-i18n: update to 3.0.7
o ports/132391            multimedia/mplayer does not work with pulseaudio
f ports/132390            [PATCH] multimedia/avidemux2: prevent package servers 
o ports/132383            www/zope: HotFix for vulnerability http://VuXML.FreeBS
f ports/132357            [patch] lang/twelf update to new version
f ports/132332            security/squidclamav Maintainer update from 3.5 to 4.0
o ports/132290            New port: deskutils/plasma-applet-simpleweatherforecas
f ports/132287            [patch] unbreak lang/qscheme with GCC 4.2
o ports/132265            [PATCH] Make palm/pilot-link work on recent -CURRENT
f ports/132264            net-p2p/amule2: update to version 2.2.3
o ports/132262            [PATCH] Make graphics/sane-backends work on -CURRENT
o ports/132157            [repocopy] rename net-p2p/museekplus to net-p2p/museek
o ports/132134            www/privoxy: privoxy-3.0.11 fails at launch time, call
f ports/132117            Port update: sysutils/radmind - Bump to version 1.13.0
o ports/132108            Hard coded variables in the mail/postfix install scrip
o ports/132005            www/man2web: Cannot find
f ports/131896            mail/p5-Mail-SPF and mail/p5-Mail-SPF-Query conflict
f ports/131878            www/squid: Bug with kerberos heimdal negotiate auth.
o ports/131856            sysutils/virtualmin adds new users to www group - over
f ports/131787            [UPDATE] www/mod_authz_unixgroup to 1.0.1
o ports/131779            [maintainer update] Update audio/pacpl to 4.0.3
f ports/131778            comms/gnokii fails to build when multimedia/mpeg4ip is
o ports/131673            deprecate games/tuxracer
o ports/131664            [perl] Segfaults with devel/p5-ReadLine-Gnu
f ports/131646            sysutils/rsnapshot exclude statements not properly doc
f ports/131607            [PATCH] update of sysutils/arcconf to 6.10
f ports/131604            [UPDATE]benchmarks/sipp: update to 3.1.20090121
f ports/131580            port databases/frontbase upgraded to version 4.2.9
f ports/131526            lang/cmucl: CMUCL for FreeBSD 7
f ports/131492            Update graphics/f-spot to, unbreaks port
f ports/131491            Update x11-toolkits/gtk-sharp20 to 2.12.8
f ports/131421            ports/graphics/geos:  /usr/local/include/geos/geom/Bin
o ports/131357            New port: editors/japi -- a simple gtk2 based text edi
o ports/131344            New port: sysutils/smp_utils Utilities for Serial Atta
o ports/131309            sysutils/wmbluecpu: libxcb + wmbluecpu problem?
f ports/131218            www/privoxy+ipv6: /etc/rc: WARNING: run_rc_command: ca
f ports/131204            audio/musicpd: fix aac decoding
o ports/131169            New port lang/ikarus: optimizing incremental Scheme co
f ports/131093            chrooting net/isc-dhcp30-server to aliased /home can c
o ports/131041            [new port] x11-themes/gtk-nodoka-engine: GTK nodoka en
o ports/130972            sysutils/gnomebaker 0.6.4 dumps core when trying to cr
f ports/130828            graphics/xnview can not work in the FreeBSD 7.1
f ports/130779            [PATCH] emulators/dosbox enable directserial passthrou
f ports/130760            science/netcdf: link problem with fortran library
f ports/130741            7.1-RELEASE/ports/sysutils/coreutils/Makefile add BUIL
o ports/130719            www/nspluginwrapper installs plugins in the old direct
o ports/130715            New Port:devel/binutils-2.19
f ports/130633            www/c-icap: update to 060708
o ports/130541            new port: net/isc-dhcp41-server
f ports/130326            [patch] update to sysutils/megarc
f ports/130209            www/typo3 upgrade removes configuration
f ports/130174            New port: net/igmpproxy multicast proxy
f ports/130065            devel/stlport update to 5.2.1 and problems
f ports/130063            databases/rrdtool update
f ports/130047            update cad/ngspice_rework to version 18
f ports/129977            [UPDATE] net/acx100 to latest (working?) version
o ports/129972            Update Port: benchmarks/lmbench [patch] - A system per
f ports/129941            [patch] update ports/deskutils/org-mode.el6
o ports/129881            [patch] net/openospfd: update to 4.3 and fix some bugs
o ports/129677            /usr/ports/sysutils/aaccli Bad system call: 12 (core d
o ports/129598            Update ports: finance/aqbanking, devel/gwenhywfar to 3
o ports/129478            multimedia/acidrip: patch file to commit to ports
f ports/129435            java/jakarta-commons-dbcp not BROKEN on jdk15
o ports/129363            devel/ace build fails if kernel module aio is loaded
o ports/129216            net-im/psi fails to build
o ports/128603            textproc/flex has too small capacity
f ports/128490            net/freenx port does not work properly on freebsd-7 st
f ports/128271            biology/ncbi-toolkit - blastall segfaults when output 
o ports/128140            update devel/pwlib to 2.4.1 to fit GNOME 2.24
p ports/127995            net/isc-dhcp30-server creates a user/group with dynami
f ports/127810            print/hplip 2.8.2 can't talk to my usnb printer (HP PS
o ports/127728            ports/games/freebsd-games doesn't build, and larn(6) s
f ports/127513            mail/dcc-dccd sets home to /var/dcc even if you didn' 
s ports/127402            [NEW PORT] security/shibboleth2-sp: C++ Shibboleth Ser
o ports/127321            japanese/kon2-16dot: buffer overflow and mouse bugs
f ports/127302            security/swatch: swatch-3.2.1_1 multiple issues
f ports/127181            audio/musicpd logs warning
s ports/127087            mail/bincimap port does not include an rc.d file
o ports/127017            sysutils/ntfsprogs - ntfsclone not working version 2.0
o ports/126787            [PATCH] net-mgmt/nefu: various port enthancements
f ports/126055            x11-toolkits/p5-Tk - segmentation fault running perl-t
f ports/125324            editors/the (3.2) looses cursor when compiled with PDC
o ports/125201            audio/aqualung crashes
o ports/124841            [PATCH] devel/zthread: Fix signature in BlockingQueue.
f ports/124423            multimedia/mplayer detection of OSS Audio is faulty
o ports/123927            devel/Boost and devel/boost-python ports naming genera
o ports/123247            linux-firefox and linux-seamonkey from multiple users
o ports/123068            sysutils/bubblemon2 bubblemon-dockapp: error extractin
o ports/122571            [patch] net/libnet10 does not work on amd64
o ports/115304            multimedia/gpac-mp4box cannot import files larger than
o ports/114106            mail/postgrey does not properly shut down via rc.d scr
o ports/108795            ports/icc: Proposed update to icc port for intel compi
o amd64/104311            ports/wine should be installable on amd64
s ports/85513             Intel C++ compiler not 100% binary compatible with sys

105 problems total.

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