lang/gcc42 without gfortran

bf bf2006a at
Sun Mar 15 22:51:06 PDT 2009

> After upgrading to latest lang/gcc42 I found that there is no gfortran 
> any more.
> Comparing the Makefiles of the ports lang/gcc42 and lang/gcc43 shows 
> that it had been removed. Was this intentional?
> I need version 4.2.xx of gfortran for programs like math/R etc. Is it 
> possible to integrate it again in the port?

There was some discussion of this at the time of the changes
to, when WITH_FORTRAN was switched to use gfortran43
by default.  gerald@'s point of view, as I understand it, was
that it was better to only use the latest stable version of
gfortran in ports, because that means he would have to spend
less time maintaining all of the other versions, and for the
majority of users the latest stable version would be an
improvement upon the other versions.  If you think that there
is a compelling need to reintroduce one or more of the earlier
versions, then maybe you can persuade him to do so, at least as
an OPTION. Otherwise, I guess you're stuck using a locally
modified ports tree, which isn't all that inconvenient for a few
ports if you go about it in the right way.



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