Problem with Bash-4 and $(command) syntax

Howard Goldstein hg at
Sat Mar 14 06:09:10 PDT 2009

David O'Brien wrote:
> I have to weigh all the screams of 'I want the newest Bash 4.0 *NOW*'
> with testing.  I didn't see the issue of $() as my .bashrc and scripts
> are too old and just use ``.

I agree with you and appreciate your efforts. Maintaining a port like 
this one with so many moving parts is a non-trivial effort.  Do though, 
please, consider a line in UPDATING, perhaps including the appropriate 
portupgrade / portmaster incantations for the folks in production 
environments who really need to get /usr/local/bin/bash back to 3.x 
(portmaster -o shells/bash3 bash4-#-x-y did it for me)(replacing the 
#-x-y with whatever's in shells/bash now)

Optimally David do you think this should be treated like for ex python 
and install major version softlinks (bash3->bash   or bash4->bash) to 
aid maintainers of bashN dependent ports?  I think there may be a bunch 
:(  logcheck is another one that doesn't like 4...

Thank you again for your work here.

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