FreeBSD Port: dansguardian-

Freddie Cash fjwcash at
Fri Mar 13 14:55:34 PDT 2009

On March 13, 2009 2:21 pm bin00001010 wrote:
> I am trying to make a system work with dansguardian.  As I understand
> it, dansguardian has no "binary dependency" on squid or apache.  Could
> you make a dansguardian package without these requirements?  I will
> install and configure squid myself and I am actually using lighthttp.
> Or better yet, could you teach me to make such a package so I won't be
> bugging you again?

Uncheck "Enable Apache support" on the config screen (make config) to remove 
the dependency on Apache.

Edit the port Makefile, to change the RUN_DEPENDS= line to either point to 
your installed version of Squid, or just comment it out to remove the 
dependency completely.

fjwcash at

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